Daily Topic for December 07, 2010

Galatians 5:19
The acts of the sinful nature are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery….

In America’s infamous gambling resort, Las Vegas, there is a saying, “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Like the Gulf Arabs who come to Egypt for “vacation” activities, many don’t realize that God sees all we do, and that is what actually matters. It takes much more than negative consequences to keep people away from debauchery. People need a purpose in their lives so they can turn their lives around.

Pray that the Gulf Arabs will allow Jesus Christ to be their purpose, the one worth living for.

Gulf Arabs in Egypt

by PE

The three Arabs hailed a taxi at the Egyptian airport, gleeful at the prospect of their six-week holiday without accountability to the strict Islamic laws they had to obey in their home countries. They pressed the equivalent of $200 into the taxi driver’s palm for the $50 ride to the hotel. Gulfies the driver thought. Always throwing money around.

“Gulfies” is the derogatory term for the Levants or Arabs of the Persian Gulf region and those across the Red Sea from Egypt. It is a sad reality that for many of them a “vacation” is a time for wine, women and song. The strict policing of illicit sex does not apply to non-Egyptians, so the Gulf Arabs party until their money or their brain cells run out. Some Gulf Arabs also bring their families to Egypt to get a break from the strict codes that control their everyday lives. However, their yearning hearts will leave as empty as they came unless kind and loving hands reach out to them to introduce them to the only One who can truly mend their spirits with deliverance.

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Pray that God will call workers to minister to the Gulf Arabs in Egypt. Pray that those who attempt to reach out to them will not be seen by potential persecutors. Pray for holy appointments through broadcasts, dreams, and visions, and that freed Arabs will return to their homelands new creatures through the divine work of the Holy Spirit.

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