Daily Topic for May 20, 2010

Romans 8:37
…in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

It’s interesting that the secular press referred to the change in allegiance from animistic gods to Christ as a “conquest.” Now the Guajajara believe that they are “more than conquerors” for the sake of Christ.

Pray that the Lord will use the Guajajara people to “conquer” many hearts in other nearby tribes.

Guajajara People of Brazil

by GC

Christian missionaries have “managed to ‘conquer’ up to half the population of some [Guajajara] villages”. By conquer the writer means that a large number of inhabitants in the villages have already turned to Christ in response to the efforts of Protestant, evangelical missionary work.

But this was not always the case. The Guajajaras of Brazil have a long history of conflict with the outside European world. From their first encounter in 1615 until the early 20th century, they faced repeated attacks and persecution. In 1901, one of their chiefs, Cauire Imana, united several villages to destroy a Capuchin missionary outpost. Later, a militia group defeated them. This “Alto Alegre revolt” stands as an important event in their history. In more recent years, illegal loggers and settlers have attacked and killed individual Guajajara people with no government response.

Despite the conflicts, a movement to Christ among the Guajajara people continues. Recently a group of Guajajaras met people from a nearby nomadic group, the Awa. This latter group generally avoids all contacts with outsiders. But on this occasion the Awas approached the Guajajaras, spoke with them and even touched them. Then something frightened them, and they disappeared into the forest.

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Pray that the Guajajara believers will continue to witness to their own people and “conquer” them for Christ with His love. Pray that Guajajara evangelists will reach out to the Awa people and other unreached groups in their area.

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