Daily Topic for September 11, 2011

Genesis 2:23
The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman’ for she was taken out of man.”

Before the introduction of sin, Adam accurately described the importance and worth of woman. She is much more than a companion; she is part of him! In God’s economy women were never intended to be bartered and traded like livestock. Since creation they were given dignity and worth. It was our fallen nature that changed that to the situation we are reading about in today’s entry.

Pray that the Goriya people will understand the dignity and worth of their women. Pray that God will give them a willingness to look to God’s best for spiritual answers.

Goriya People

by NW

The young woman sat under the tree with her legs folded under her thinking about how her life was going to change in a few days. Not long ago her father made the decision that she was to marry her cousin. She was not happy about this, but since she is part of the Muslim Goriya community, she had no choices. The family decided who she would marry, where she would go, and what she would do. Maybe it would be all right; perhaps, she would like her new life. Then again, maybe she wouldn’t. It did not matter because life did not change for a Goriya woman. She had no control over her future, so why even think about it?

The Goriya people live a simple life as farmers. Christ is missing in the midst of this simple life. There are no believers in their area of Nepal. The Goriya people speak four different languages, but Awadhi is the most common tongue. The New Testament is available in audio and a print version in this language.

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Pray for God to make these resources widely available to the Goriya people. Nothing is impossible with God. Therefore, pray for a spiritual awakening in every Goriya community in Nepal.

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