Daily Topic for September 23, 2010

Genesis 3:1
Now the serpent. . . . said to the woman, “Did God really say that . . .”

The story of the fall is about deception. The first recorded words out of Satan’s mouth were distortions of God’s Word. This indicates a serious breach of trust between these two characters. When Adam and Eve believed the lie, they entered into a relationship problem. Something sacred and precious had been broken, then lost. The rest of the Bible documents God’s unwavering desire and tireless effort to rebuild that sacred trust among every people. But defeating a lie can be costly. For it is one thing to rescue someone, and another thing if the hostage has been lied to about the rescuers! Breaking that kind of deception may require your life.

Pray that God will give His ambassadors a tireless determination to see the unreached peoples rescued from the lies of Satan.

Global Recordings Network (GRN)

by JS

“He came to His own, and those who were His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God….” (John 1:11-12). Jesus was received by the persecuted, the down-trodden, and the needy of His day. The same thing continues to happen today. The hopeless and persecuted are often the ones eager to hear of the hope that Jesus gives.

A Global Recordings Network (GRN) worker was visiting Sri Lanka and met with some church leaders and a book publisher about some of the GRN products. One of the participants from the troubled part of northern Sri Lanka where many Tamil people live took some large and pocket size Good News materials to a slum area. On the first day of meeting with some Tamil people, he heard their complaints about how they were mistreated and how they had lost everything. He spoke words of comfort to them and told them God could help. The next day, following an inner urge to return to the area, he found there was a large crowd waiting for him that was ready to listen. He used the GRN products to communicate how God’s love, care and compassion could meet their needs. Many were touched by his witness to them.

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Pray for the Spider Book Store, a local publishing company, to print the GRN materials that can enrich the ministries of local believers who work with many ethnic groups in Sri Lanka.

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