Daily Topic for March 15, 2011

Luke 24:47
Repentance for forgiveness of sins will be preached in His Name to all the nations, beginning at Jerusalem.

All nations. This includes the small shamanistic groups that we are praying for this month. It’s sometimes hard for us to understand what Christ meant. We understand the word “ethne,” which is translated as “nation” refers to an ethnic group. Ethnic groups are separated by language or cultural affinity. For this reason, we are praying for each of the small “ethne” of Russia, because most of them have their own language.

Pray for GRI’s efforts to get gospel messages to the small “ethne” of Siberia.

Global Recordings International (GRI)

by JS

The U.S. Postal Service has a slogan that “neither, rain, nor sleet, nor snow” will prevent them from delivering the mail. The same can be said of Global Recordings International (GRI) as they deliver gospel recordings to dozens of different ethnic and linguistic groups from the frozen northwest of Siberia to the Arctic Circle. Recordings of the gospel message have been made in Yakut, Buryat, Tuvan, Nanai, Altai, Khakass, and Evenki. There are 32 heart languages spoken by the peoples of Siberia.

There have been many evangelistic endeavors and many churches planted, even in remote Siberian villages. One recordist was surprised to find a handful of Nanai believers in a small village on the Armure River in the far east. He tells of one young woman, Elena, who 11 years earlier had tuberculosis and was in a hospital 300km. away from her village. There she heard about Jesus and gave Him her life. God completely healed her, and she returned to her village and told people about Christ. Others believed because of her story, and they formed a church. Today there are believers from every generation in that village. The recordist recorded 20 testimonies from that village to share with nearby villages that have no church. The literate as well as the non-literate can learn from such oral teaching methods.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for GRI recordings to be completed in all 32 Siberian languages. Pray for teams to successfully distribute recordings to every village.

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