Daily Topic for November 20, 2010

Daniel 10:13
But the Prince of the Persian Kingdom resisted me 21 days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.

This comment made by the angel of the Lord to Daniel gives us some insight into what happens when we pray. We know from this passage that the Lord responds to our prayers. In this case, he sent His angel to Daniel. But notice that the answer to this prayer was delayed because of the work of the enemy, the Prince of Persia. It may take much prayer before the Lord breaks through the spiritual darkness. Will you be one who prays until the Lord is victorious among the Gilaki people?

Pray that your Heavenly Father will show you if you should continue to pray for the peoples we are lifting up this month.

Gilaki People of Iran

by EJD

James rocked himself on the verandah to the beat of the relentless rainfall. The wet aroma and the nearby lush green scenery was as refreshing as the hospitality that he has enjoyed in a Gilaki home since his arrival. Before he arrived at Rasht, the capital of Gilan Province in northwestern Iran, James had made enquiries and had decided to home-stay. It was expensive, but he thought that he could learn about the Gilaki people who live there. The previous day he had decided to take a walk to the Shohaba Square. This lanky British traveler with a Nikon D40X hanging around his neck invited friendly glances.

“The Gilaki folk are friendly. I was invited by many to drink chai and in-between slurping tea from tiny glass cups they spoke about politics—not very different from any place else I suppose,” he told his father over the phone.

The following day he plans to take a bus ride to a nearby agricultural town and visit a tea factory in the afternoon. Nasser, his host, informed him of what to expect from the bus ride. “Unmarried women and men do not sit together and you shouldn’t ask any woman for directions as she could be severely reprimanded for speaking to a man who isn’t family.”

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Pray that the Gilaki people of Iran would hear of Christ Jesus and might gain the spiritual freedom that is in Him.

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