Daily Topic for September 26, 2011

Genesis 15:6
He took him outside and said, “Look up at the heavens and count the stars . . . So shall your offspring be” . . . Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness.

To many people, it may seem strange to be praying for a people group of 300. After all, there are over 72,000 people who use this Global Prayer Digest. Why should we focus our prayers on such a small group of people? We know from what God said to Abraham that his spiritual offspring shall be as numerous as the stars in the sky. Shouldn’t the Ghosi people be part of this group of holy spiritual offspring?

Pray that they will soon join Abraham’s holy family!

Ghosi People in Nepal

by PE

Three-year-old Saif sat on his haunches beside his mother staring intently at her swift, gentle hands coursing the creamy milk from the brown cow’s full udder. Swish! Saif giggled heartily as she squirted a bit of the cow’s milk towards his mouth. This was a rare occasion since the milk was not only for their use, but was the family’s business. Later, they would make their way to homes nearby and sell the milk to neighbors. Saif’s mother was fortunate that she didn’t have to make the long trek to town as some of her friends did in order to sell milk.

This has been the life of the Muslim Ghosi people of Nepal for centuries. Formerly thought to have been Hindu, they have all become Muslim, all 300 of them. Since the language of the Ghosi people in Nepal is Nepali, there are tracts, a fully translated Bible, and many other resources for hearing of the One who loves them and died and rose again for them. But they do not hear. There are spiritual obstacles that keep them away from their Savior.

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Pray that prayer warriors will be raised up who will faithfully intercede for the hard ground of the Ghosi heart to be tilled and softened. Pray that Christ’s followers will be called to tell the story about Jesus to everyone in a culturally relevant way, simple and appealing, to this tiny speck of humanity.

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