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Genesis 1:28a, b
God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.”

This was God’s plan all along: to have an earth filled with people who worship Him. Though they are animistic, the Gelao people yearn to have many children. As a people, they still do not have fellowship with their Creator.

Pray for thousands of Gelao children to join the worldwide throng of lovers of the Creator!

Gelao People

by MB

Marriage is a ceremony of great importance in most cultures. It signifies growing up and a change in family roles as sons and daughters become husband and wife. Having children to further the family lineage is a key part of marriage for any people group including the Gelaos of China.

But until very recently, the Chinese Gelao women have had a very unique wedding tradition: knocking their front teeth out. According to tradition, this was done by the bride to show the groom’s family she meant them no harm. When she arrived at the home of her husband’s family, she would splash water in the face of his relatives in order to bring luck to the family and rid the home of evil.

Shortly after marriage, the Gelao women are expected to bear many children, and with that, a whole host of other birth rituals ensue.
Rich in tradition, this ancient people are one of the least known of China’s official ethnic minorities. Unlike some of their Daoist neighbors, the Gelaos have no idols, temples or monasteries, and no religious creeds or organization. Instead, their spiritual lives are filled with the worship of their ancestors, local superstitions as well as animistic worship of the gods of the earth and sky. In the late 1800s French Catholic missionaries reached the Gelao, but little fruit remains from that effort.
Pray that God once again raises up workers for the harvest in China.

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