Daily Topic for February 27, 2010

Mark 10:14
When Jesus noticed this, he was angry and said to his disciples, “Let the Children come to me, and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Who is stopping the children from coming to Jesus? In our background article, Gerbard Strobes pointed out the neglect of Christians and the Church at large. In today’s prayer entry, you can see how well-meaning parents and the Islamic religious system keeps them from the loving Savior.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will get ahold of Islamic teachers who influence the children of Africa. Pray that they will soon help the children to come to Him!

Fur People in Chad and Sudan

by JWS

Obeying his father’s orders, the boy follows the aging faqi (Islamic teacher) on the trail leading away from his village. He can’t help looking back at his hut as it grows smaller in the distance. What will life be like for the next four years? He is the first boy in his extended family to attend the Qu’ranic school for boys. He has been instructed never to question the faqi and never even speak to the teacher unless he is first spoken to. He dare not risk being sent back to his village in disgrace, shaming his parents.

His people are known as the Fur. Over 1.2 million Fur people inhabit villages in the Darfur Province of Sudan. A few thousand live over the border in Chad. The boy hopes Allah will smile on his family while he is gone. Will his younger brothers be able to work hard enough to make up for his absence during the harvest? According to one source, the Fur people are 99 percent Sunni Muslim “but their religious practices are largely animistic” (http://www.orvillejenkins.com/profiles/). The same source states that there are a few Christian believers among them, but they have no Bible in the Fur language, no radio broadcasts, no gospel recordings, or Christian missionaries. They are not hospitable to strangers.

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Pray that the few Christians among them will boldly share their faith with their people. Pray that they would attract others to the Lord by living out the life of Christ in Darfur and Chad.

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