Daily Topic for February 06, 2008

Ob. 1:1
"This is what the Sovereign Lord says.... An envoy was sent to the nations to say, 'Rise, and let us go against her for battle'"

In this short but sobering prophecy the Sovereign Lord reveals the imminent destruction of Edom. Her pride, violence, and indifference to Israel’s misfortunes led God to bring judgment through defeat by other nations. Why was God so severe? Because Edom had exalted herself, saying, “Who can bring me down to the ground?” But God will not share His glory with another, and today, as then, He will act in such a way that all may recognize that “the kingdom is the Lord’s (21).”

Lord, reveal Your righteousness through us to all the kingdoms of the earth.

Fulbe Fulani of Nigeria and Cameroon

Tila, a Fulbe Fulani believer, stood before her hut that had been fashioned the previous day. She served tasty samples of her meals to the representatives attending the African Baptist convention. They took pictures, posed with Tila, her husband and two remaining children, all dressed in their ethnic garb. In between pictures, Tila and the others with her begged the attendees to pray for their people, the Fulbe Fulani. They know that prayer is the only way the hand of God will be moved to save their people. They have camped outside the convention for the last four years.

Tila clings to the love of her Savior, and yearns for the peace she now knows to be spread to the 6,000,000-14,000,000 Fulani people, the largest nomadic pastoral people group in the entire world.

According to estimates, there were about 60 Fulbe believers, but a recent report states that a trip into new areas has brought a harvest of 22 new Fulbe Fulani believers. Prayers from Tila and others are resulting in a small harvest. Will you answer the call to pray for the Fulbes?

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Pray that God remove the veil from the eyes of the Muslim Fulbes and open their hearts to Christ.-PE

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