Daily Topic for October 31, 2011

Matthew 5:16
…in the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven.

In Muslim lands, there are all kinds of misconceptions about those who follow Christ. One of them is that Christians are immoral since they know about unedifying movies coming from the “Christian” West. It is very difficult for Christ’s followers to get a fair hearing from Muslims under these circumstances. But this is not an impossible situation! In the days of the Roman Empire, followers of Roman religion thought that Christians were cannibals because they drank the blood of Christ and ate His flesh! Yet they saw their good deeds, and that make people think.

Pray that the good deeds of today’s believers in Pakistan will draw Muslims to give praise to the Father.

Flood Relief Work in Pakistan

by KC

November begins a day early in the Global Prayer Digest! We will pray for flood victims in Pakistan in November, starting today.
In one of Pakistan’s major provinces where 30 percent of rural children were already malnourished, last year’s floods caused that percentage to rise dramatically. The floods, which began about 18 months ago, caused such devastation to this nation of 185 million people, that we will spend all of next month praying for the people groups that are still trying to get their lives back together.
Within that dark situation, there is light. National and foreign believers are ministering to flood victims in at least 15 villages and in a major city. Outsiders are providing medical care in villages and through a hospital. Pakistani believers, who make up less than five million people, are providing food and other supplies to their Muslim neighbors. The results are encouraging though the work is facing serious challenges. At least 20 Muslims are joining believers in worship services. Muslims are finding that Jesus sent His people to help them have life to the full.

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Pray for God to raise up supervisors, administrators, and medical workers who are filled with the fruit of the Holy Spirit for this work. Pray for God to raise up the right workers for a correspondence course. Pray for good spiritual fruit to come from this tragic flood. Pray for God to protect and deliver workers from any evil they may encounter.

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