Daily Topic for May 26, 2011

Romans 15:7
Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

In our fallen state it is impossible for us to live up to God’s standards. He tells us to accept one another as Christ has accepted us: unconditionally. Though it is difficult for believers to do this, they can do it through the power of the Holy Spirit. What about those who do not have the power of the Holy Spirit? It remains impossible for them to accept one another in a loving way as Christ commands us to do.

Pray for a move among the Ewe people that will lead them to love and accept others in a way that will bring praises to God.

Ewe People in Dallas-Ft. Worth

by TP

The children of the Pilgrims were becoming too Dutch! In the 1600’s, the Christian Pilgrims left England for the Netherlands, only to find their children becoming increasingly assimilated into the Dutch ways of doing things. So they returned to England and eventually went to the North American colonies.

Like the Pilgrims who tried to live in the Netherlands, the Ewe people of Ghana who now live in Texas have found their children becoming part of a foreign culture. The older generation is not comfortable with their children becoming so “American.” These divisions are played out weekly on Dallas talk radio, and the discussions sometimes get hot as tempers flare. Blunt comments on their web sites confirm that such divisions exist. To make matters worse, political disagreements continue for those who live outside of Ghana. But all are united in their desire to survive and give their children opportunities the parents never had in Africa. As one of them put it, “There are many Ghanaian Associations all over the world, and their aim is to bring all of us together as one people, from one nation with one destiny.” Most Ewe people believe in a God of Creation, and some of them follow Christ.

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Pray that soon there will be vibrant Ewe churches as they submit to the lordship of Christ and extend His Kingdom.

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