Daily Topic for July 25, 2013

Matthew 8:25
The disciples went and woke Him, saying, "Lord, save us! We're going to drown!"

Jesus scolded them for their lack of faith. Yet notice that it was Jesus whom they went to when the waves were high and the sea was treacherous. We don’t know for sure, but it’s very possible that they understood that Jesus was the Messiah, an all-powerful savior. It’s no wonder that those who tell unreached peoples about Him often include this amazing story.

Pray that when the Tibetan Buddhist peoples hear about Jesus calming the sea, that they will understand that no one but the One true God can do such a thing.

Ersu (ar-soo) People

by KH

Imagine an ancient pictographic script in which meaning changes with the color of the word! The shaba script, used by religious practitioners among the Ersu people of southwest China, uses this remarkable way of conveying meaning, according to Wikipedia.

The Ersu are a unique people classified as a Tibetan minority. Along with the neighboring Namuyi people, the Ersu believe they migrated from Lhasa around 400 years ago. The 35,000 Ersu are interspersed over a wide area among other minorities such as the Tibetans and Nosu. In addition to its unique pictographic script, there are three dialects of the Ersu language which contain three tones.

Although they have no temples or monasteries of their own, the Ersu are culturally Tibetan and practice Tibetan Buddhism. Ersu shaba priests use their unique script to practice divination and rites on behalf of the people. The shaba religious system shares similarities with the Naxi people’s dongba priests, who also use a pictographic script in practicing a variation of Tibet’s ancient bon religion.

The gospel has begun to penetrate the Nosu people living among the Ersu. Nosu and Han believers are being equipped to reach them. However, the Ersu remain almost entirely unreached with no known fellowships among them.

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Pray that God would burden Nosu and Han Chinese believers to take the gospel to the Ersu people. Pray that the Lord would prepare their hearts to hear and receive the good news.

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