Daily Topic for June 25, 2010

Proverbs 13:12
Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

The Enim people are putting their hope in new job possibilities. They have hope for their economic future. Some will find work, while others will return to their villages disappointed. But there is a far greater longing that everyone has that will not be fulfilled by religion or by wealth. Who will help the Enim people find the relationship with their Creator that everyone needs?

Pray that as the Enim people seek new opportunities, many will find their need to fill the spiritual vacuum that everyone has.

Enim People

by GC

Jaya and Yakub feel tempted. The Bukit Asam Company is offering jobs at their coalmines in southern Sumatra. Now the company will build a railroad to transport the coal. This opens many opportunities for young men from the Enim people group. They have always been tied to agriculture. As with the Lematang people of yesterday’s reading, they value openness to newcomers, regardless of the other person’s background or beliefs. So when company representatives arrived at the village, they were greeted warmly.

Now Jaya (his name means “victorious”) and Yakub (means “replacer”) debate the company’s offer. Jaya decides to stay. “I am the eldest,” he says. “My future is secure here. I will become a leader in the mosque and an important man in our village.” But Yakub believes his future will be developed elsewhere. “I have few prospects here,” he concludes. “But if I go away for a while, I can earn a fortune. Then I can return as an important man in my own right.” Like the Lematang people, if Yakub committed to follow Christ while away from home, he still would be welcome to return, but he would lose his membership in the Sunni community.

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Pray for new believers to communicate that their trust in Jesus is possible while being culturally Enim. Ask the Holy Spirit to open the hearts of community leaders. Pray for the imams of the mosques to respond to the light of Jesus.

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