Daily Topic for December 07, 2011

Isaiah 5:16
But the Lord Almighty will be exalted by His justice, and the holy God will be proved holy by His righteous acts.

In Islamic “street level” theology there is a widespread belief that “Paradise” will be a place where each man gets 72 beautiful virgins and plenty of wine. “Paradise” is like a wild party. One wonders if such an ideal might be partly why women are often mistreated in the Muslim world. Women are viewed as tools for sex and demeaned as less than human. Do you think that women who have grown up with such ideas about “Paradise” might be eager to find true holiness and righteousness?

Pray that God will give the people of Egypt a yearning for true holiness and righteousness found only in Jesus Christ, the One who treated women with dignity and respect.

Egyptian Arabs

by PE

Marwa nervously twisted the edge of her veil as she wrote in her blog. “For the only time in my life, I was treated as an equal human being. Men and women stood side by side in Tahrir Square. Our participation was valued and honored. For a brief time while trying to oust President Mubarak, there was no catcalling or intimidating stares; we were not called “whores” whether we were veiled or not. For 18 glorious days there were no sexual assaults or rapes. But now everything is back like it was. A woman cannot be seen in public without harassment. I saw freedom for exactly 18 days.”
Even at victory celebrations in Tahrir Square, women were sexually assaulted (See CBS News, April 28th, 2011). Things went back to a twisted “normal.” Now women all over Egypt are beginning a struggle for respectful treatment by releasing floods of Twitters, Facebook comments, and blogs protesting sexual harassment. Sites are dedicated to reporting accounts of ill-treatment by men. Women hope that their basic rights will be remembered as a new government has to deal with Egypt’s future.

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Pray for spiritual transformation that will free Egyptian Muslims from the mindset that makes sexual harassment a daily reality. Pray that the One who loves and respects both male and female will be revealed to Egyptian hearts. As Egypt is reforming their politics, pray for protection from those who would lead them into religious oppression.

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