Daily Topic for July 16, 2011

1 Timothy 2:3-4
This is good, and pleases God our Savior, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.

God is no respecter of persons. First-century Jews believed that God wanted their own people to be saved, but they were much less sure about His concern for non-Jews. Surely many of the first-century Gentile Christians struggled with similar prejudices. Our natural tendency is to think that God loves us a bit more than people who are different from us.

Pray that the reached A-Hmao and Gha-Mu peoples will soon leave the comforts of their communities to take Christ to the Eastern Huishui Miao people.

Eastern Huishui Miao (hway-shway-meow)

by NW

In the early years of Protestant missionary work in southern China the workers served in an area near the Eastern Huishuis. But due to the difficulty of reaching this people group, the missionaries changed their focus to the A-Hmao and Gha-Mu peoples in a different part of China’s Guizhou Province. These two groups were responding to the gospel, and the Huishui Miao were not.

The language barrier caused some of the difficulty. The language of the Eastern Huishui was unintelligible in comparison to other languages in the Huishui branch. In fact, in the past the language had caused a huge barrier between the Eastern Huishui and other Huishui. Still this did not stop them from communicating during times of war.

One source describes what is called a “feather letter.” The feather letters were long sticks about one inch thick. One end was split, and they inserted two feathers, a piece of fuse or two red peppers. This was the emergency message used to communicate to those who did not understand their language. The feather meant emergency. The pepper meant the enemy was strong. The fuse meant the enemy had opened fire. This shows a determination of the Huishui to communicate in the midst of a language barrier. Today Christ’s followers must not give up in trying to reach the Eastern Huishui Miao, even though it may be difficult!

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Ask God to send His harvesters to this difficult area. Pray for the Holy Spirit to soften their hearts and prepare them for the gospel.

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