Daily Topic for July 10, 2011

1 Chronicles 17:8
Now I will make your name like the names of the greatest men of the earth.

In this verse, God was making a promise to David that his “name” would be great. In Old Testament times, a name was much more serious than something you call a child. When you look up the word “name” in a concordance, it notes the word 89 times. There is good reason why the Eastern Hmu people, and many other people groups for that matter, hold a solemn ceremony when they name a child. Yet something is seriously amiss in this situation. They are consulting a spirit practitioner for the ceremony.

Pray that while seeking spiritual direction, the Eastern Hmu people will look to the One whose Name is above all names.

Eastern Hmu (h-moo)

May La donned the hundred-pleated skirt that her mother made for this very occasion. The intricate golden thread work caught the sunbeams that entered the room through the cracks in the ceiling and glistened in a myriad of colors. In the next room the doting grandparents passed her newborn infant around like a treasured possession. Blinded by the bright light, the three-day old baby squeezed his eyes closed and wriggled in his grandparent’s hands.

“Today, my son will be named,” mused May La, the proud Eastern Hmu mother with a peaceful smile. An older relative asked, “Has the spirit practitioner been called for the soul-calling ceremony?” The father of the infant quietly nodded his assent.

The Eastern Hmu people reverence their ancestors and also every inanimate object as a potent deity. They believe that a soul or a spirit finds its abode in every being and object. During this auspicious soul-calling ceremony, not only is the infant named, but the elders and other personages who are invited also call on spirits to make their dwelling in this newborn’s body. In life when an individual chances to encounter misfortune, it is often attributed to the loss of that spirit, and the people make every effort to call the spirit back so that the suffering individual is restored to good health and fortune.

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Pray that the Eastern Hmu, who are enslaved by an oppressive belief system, will soon call upon Christ their Savior, and be liberated from their spiritual bondage.

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