Daily Topic for March 30, 2012

John 4:34
"My food," said Jesus, "is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work."

Jesus makes this remarkable statement in the context of reaching an unreached people group: the Samaritans. His disciples were busy getting lunch, but Jesus was driven by a mission. His passion, hunger, and sustenance were to complete the task His Father gave him—to seek and to save the lost. This seeking led Him to a Samaritan woman at a well, and then to an entire village. If we are His followers, we too must be filled with an urgency to finish the task that remains. There should be a holy discontent within us if we are not in sync with the same passion that led Jesus into Samaria.

Pray for an increase of Jesus encounters among the world’s remaining unreached peoples.

Dungan People in Eastern Europe

by NW

The life of the Dungans in Eastern Europe is filled with celebrations, parties, ceremonies, and big events! These people, who originated in China, do not fit the stereotype of serious Muslims. Instead they are a people of celebration, life, and fun. To be Dungan is to be joyful, colorful, and hospitable. They love to extend hospitability through ceremonies and banquets. The excitement never stops as they organize beautiful colorful birthday celebrations, weddings, and funerals. Weddings continue to resemble weddings from the 1800s, which includes the hairstyles of women from long ago.
Although they live amongst people who are not Dungan in Eastern Europe, it is important to them to cling to everything that represents their traditions and culture. Embroidery, traditional clothing, silver jewelry, paper cuts of animals, flowers, and tools are displayed in their museums for all to enjoy.
Culture is an important thread that flows through the life of a Dungan. Yet, in this thread something crucial is missing. The missing thread is a relationship with Jesus.

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Pray for God to send Christ’s followers to live among the Dungan people and build relationships with them. Ask God to open the hearts of the Dungan people who have yet to meet our Savior, Jesus Christ. Pray that the Dungans will celebrate the King and share Him with others.

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