Daily Topic for February 14, 2010

Proverbs 20:29
The glory of young men is their strength, gray hair the splendor of the old..

This applies to all cultures. You won’t see people in their 60s participating in the Olympics. Likewise, only a fool like King Rehoboam (see I Kings 12:8) would give more weight to the “wisdom” of young men over that of the older, more experienced men. In each stage of life, men and women have something special to offer. Young men can do necessary physical work. Old men can offer advise based on their many years of experience.

Pray that the book of Proverbs will be used to spread God’s fame and wisdom to the Dukawas and other peoples of Nigeria

Dukawa People of Nigeria

by PE

Watende braced himself for this passage into manhood. While most Nigerian tribes use the rite of circumcision to mark the occasion, the Dukawa boys pass into manhood in the eyes of their community through wrestling. Finally, after a bruising battle with his opponent, Watende emerged the victor and went to his father for presentation of a cloth and a small piece of land he would tend until the time had passed for his marriage.

When Watende was young, a pretty girl in the village sprinkled flour on his head as a symbol of choosing him as her future husband. Watende was pleased, and looked forward to preparing a place for her and their future life together.

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Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers into Nigeria to the Dukawas. Ask the Holy Spirit to grant wisdom and favor to the mission agencies that are targeting the Dukawas. Ask the Lord for linguists who can translate the Bible into the Dukawa language. Take authority over the spiritual principalities and powers that are keeping the Dukawas bound. Ask the Lord to bring forth a triumphant Dukawa church for the glory of His Name. Pray that the Dukawa people will learn of and accept Jesus Christ as the bridegroom who went away to prepare a place for His bride and in due time will return for her.

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