Daily Topic for September 24, 2010

Genesis 4:26
Seth also had a son, and he named him Enosh. At that time, men began to call on the Name of the Lord.

Here we find an interesting contrast between two groups of people. The first descend from Caan, and they are identified by their careers, by what they are able to do. In this group are musicians, herders, metal smiths, and builders of cities. But the second group’s identity is found in their relationship with the Lord. Today is no different! Most people, when asked to say something about themselves, identify who they are by what they do. But a few choose to identify themselves by Who they know.

Pray that the Dhobi people will soon identify themselves as ones who know and follow the Eternal King.

Dhobi People in Sri Lanka

by AK

Do you think you have a lot of laundry? Today we will pray for a group that has a very long laundry list! The Dhobi name is synonymous with cleaning clothes and linen. Dhobi can be used as a verb, “I dhobied my dirty clothes.” Some call laundry soap “dhobi dust.”

This sqeaky clean endeavor involves the whole family. Men and boys often go door to door collecting dirty laundry from customers. These devoted Hindus bow to the rubbing stone before starting their work. The women and girls help stretch the laundry out on lines or rocks to dry, and then they iron and fold them before the men and boys deliver them back to their owners.

Most Dhobis seek salvation through their own works and worship local gods as well as washing stones. They feel trapped in their untouchable (Dalit) community.

One Dhobi man broke from the Dalit community and became the ninth prime minister and second president of Sri Lanka. Ranasinghe Premadasa received an education at a Christian missionary college in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s largest city and major seaport. He worked hard on economic and social reconstruction, improving the welfare of women and children. However, Premadasa faced opposition and was assassinated in 1993.

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Pray that the Dhobi people will turn to Jesus and let Him wash their sins away. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach them that they can become equal members of God’s Kingdom. Pray for God to give His wisdom to the Christians who are educating Dhobis.

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