Daily Topic for May 24, 2011

Romans 9:3
For I could wish that I myself were cursed and cut off from Christ for the sake of my brothers, those of my own race, the people of Israel. (see http://www.cityvisiontc.org/)

Wait a minute! Isn’t this the same writer who only a few chapters ago assured us of the death that awaits those cut off from Christ? Yes, it is. His love for his own people even led him to wish to suffer their punishment for rejecting Christ. Note, however, that even though Paul loved his fellow Jews that much, he spent his life ministering among the Gentiles!

Pray that the Father will give us more men and women who, because of their love for the Church and all of the needs here at home—will bring the good news to the unreached peoples who are now their neighbors.

City Vision, A Missionary Work in Minneapolis

by KC

Hundreds of miles north of Dallas-Fort Worth, there is another “twin city” where people from many nations are gathering! Many of the same unreached “nations” come to Minneapolis-St. Paul, but some of them are from different lands. For example, you won’t find some of the most unreached people groups from the Arabian Peninsula in Minnisota like you do in Texas, but you will find a large group of Somalis, who have fled the anarchy of their homeland to build stable lives. You won’t find brisket BBQs and Southern hospitality, but you will find something else, a group of believers that Christians throughout the United States need to emulate. This group of missionaries works through an organization called City Vision. Their purpose is to “understand and nurture the vitality of the church in the city.” That involves coaching believers who want to plant culturally appropriate fellowships among their unreached Hindu, Buddhist or Muslim neighbors. City Vision takes believers on tours of their mission field and points out where the ethnic communities live. Through seminars and other events they promote and encourage opportunities for Twin Cities churches and ministries to become involved in ethnic outreaches. In the years to come they hope to see Somalis, Tibetans, Punjabis, and others reached for Jesus Christ.

Learn more at joshuaproject.net

Pray for the Lord to raise up workers to do face to face friendship ministries with the unreached peoples in their midst.

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