Daily Topic for November 19, 2011

Psalms 65:2, 5, 8
O You who hear prayer, to You all men will come… the hope of all the ends of the earth…. Those living far away fear Your wonders.

If these words were not in the Scriptures, we would scarcely believe them. Do the peoples in the ends of the earth actually hope there is a true and living God? Do they wonder who He is and where He is? Some missionaries have found people groups with hearts ready to accept Christ when they first hear the gospel. These missionaries have been amazed to discover that, even in the darkness of bondage to Satan, some people groups have so longed to know God the Creator that for many generations they have cried out to Him, pleading for a messenger to enlighten them!

Thank the Lord that He is the only hope and inspiration for all the nations. May those living far away experience His wonders!

Chhipa People

by KC

Have you ever met your great-grandfather? Most of us haven’t, but Taqui had that privilege when he traveled to Karachi with his family. Taqui, a young man of 22, was interested in finding out more about his people, the 77,000 Chhipas. While the rest of his family went to a Bollywood movie, he stayed by his great-grandfather’s bed and quizzed him. Much to his delight the old man sat up and answered all of Taqui’s questions.
“Babu, you know much about our people. How long have we been different than everyone else?” Babu replied, “Our people originated in India’s Rajasthan state, and we were part of the powerful Hindu Rajput people. But because of the preaching of Sultan Saify Sahib, our elders began to see the truth. There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed is his prophet. We became Muslims, so the Hindus drove us out. Many of us wound up in India’s Gujarat State, but some went west to what is now Pakistan.”
Taqui then asked, “And how did we become dyers and printers?” The elder replied, “I don’t know, but it started when we became Muslims. You can be very proud of our people, my boy. We are doing a lot to help Pakistan. There is a social worker named Ramzan Chhipa who is working hard to help flood victims. If Pakistan had 100 men like him, we would be a great nation.”

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Pray that the Chhipa community will experience a people movement to the person of Christ like they did to Islam.

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