Daily Topic for March 11, 2011

Luke 10:18b
Who ever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken from him.

The Buryat peoples are currently getting opportunities to rise above the spiritual death that has held them back for centuries. Some Buryat subgroups have more access to the gospel than others. There is a Buryat Partnership which seeks to bring Christ to them. How will they respond? Those who respond with hostility and rejection will lose the light given from above while, those who respond with acceptance and faith will be blessed with more of the light.

Pray that all Buryat groups will accept and embrace the light that they have been given, so that more light from above will be shed in their communities.

Buryat People

by KC

The Buryats can be described as Buddhists, animists, Russian Orthodox, or shamanists… and to some degree they are all four!

The first organized religion to be practiced by the Buryats was Buddhism, which sometimes was blended into shamanism and at other times competed with it. When Buryats migrated north out of Mongolia, they began to practice pure shamanism again until the late 18th century. Then Buddhist missionaries came to their new land and they began to practice Buddhist rituals again. Shamanism temporarily went into decline because certain shamans had made false claims about being able to cast out demons.

In the mid-1600s, Russians began to colonize Buryat lands. At first, as the Russians conquered Buryats, they forced them to take baptism. The Buryat problems with the Russians were exacerbated hundreds of years later during the Communist era when Soviet dictator Josef Stalin killed almost half of their population.

Today, there is a Buryat Partnership, which hopes to get the true gospel to these spiritually suffering people. Their hope is that religious systems like Buddhism, shamanism and Orthodox Christianity will be replaced by a faith in the person of Jesus Christ.

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Pray for a people movement to Christ among all four Buryat subgroups. Pray that all spiritual strongholds that keep the Buryats away from Christ will be broken.

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