Daily Topic for July 03, 2011

2 Thessalonians 1:3
We ought always to thank God for you, brothers, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love every one of you has for each other is increasing.

The Apostle Paul was deeply thankful for the Thessalonians, especially for their faith in the Lord. It certainly brings great blessing and joy for a missionary after many years on the field to see his children walk in the light they have received. It signifies that the missionary’s labor in the Lord has not been in vain. Yet the gospel message can and should move forward after it has penetrated one culture. For example, we are reading today about an unreached people group, the Bua Hmong, that could be penetrated by the reached Hmong Daw group.

Pray for every reached Miao people group to thrust forth believers to their unreached cousins.

Bua Hmong (hmong-Booah)

“Grandmother, the crown is so heavy it hurts my head!” The teenaged Bua girl complained as a silver crown was placed on her head for the Sisters’ Rice Festival, a special time for teen girls to impress boys with their beauty and charm. During the Festival, the Bua girls may also give young men rice balls with symbolic items inside. A thorn says, “You are the one!” A red flower is saying, “Let’s marry quickly!” But, if there is some garlic inside it means, “Find someone else!”

There are about 60,000 Hmong Bua people living in China’s Yunnan Province, and another 20,000 live in Vietnam. Their name means “black Hmong.” Black is the main color of their clothing. Traditional customs, festivals, and animistic beliefs have long been an important part of their lives.

Living close to the Bua are the Hmong Daw, who speak a similar language. Since 1994 almost 20,000 Hmong Daw have accepted Christ, mostly due to the gospel radio broadcasts produced by Far East Broadcasting Co (FEBC).

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Pray that the Bua Hmong, many of whom have radios, will hear these gospel programs and be led to the Lord through them. Pray that the nearby Hmong Daw believers will lead the Bau to know the power of the true God and the joy of worshipping Him.

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