Daily Topic for June 13, 2011

Ephesians 2:13
But now in Christ Jesus you who once were far away have been brought near through the blood of Christ.

In this chapter, the apostle Paul uses a number of terms to describe the conditions of those without Christ: dead, worldly, sons of disobedience, children of wrath, separated from Christ, excluded, strangers, people without hope and without God. What a litany of pain and sorrow! We, who experience so much of God’s goodness and grace, must never forget that there are people groups in the world like the Brao for whom this description is absolutely accurate.

Pray that the Lord will move students, churches, and mission agencies to unite in bringing the good news to those who are far off like the Brao, so that these people groups can be brought near to the One who shed His blood to pay for their sin.

Brao People of Cambodia

by GEC

If a Brao man hunts a tiger in the forest, he cannot walk directly from the forest to the river. That is taboo. He must return to his home before he goes to the river. This is one small aspect of the Brao’s view of the spirit world. Many taboos and customs dictate their lifestyle. Brao refers to several sub-sets of peoples in northeast Cambodia and southern Laos. Their slash-and-burn agriculture causes them to become semi-nomadic within this mountain region.

Brao history documents a long series of outside attempts to control and dominate them. Nearby countries, including the Lao and the Khmer, plus the French, all tried and failed. The Brao resisted all efforts to be engulfed by someone else’s culture.

In 1992 missionary work began among the Brao. In the past 20 years an estimated 200 people have placed their faith in Jesus Christ. One team has translated about one third of the Bible into Brao. Will these missionary outsiders join the long line of foreigners who are rejected by the Brao for trying to control and use them? Or will the Holy Spirit soften their hearts so that they will allow the wonderful Lord to enter their lives.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide missionary workers among the Brao to respect their culture while introducing them to Christ. Pray that the elders among the Brao villages will open their hearts to the believers and to the Holy Spirit’s work in their region.

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