Daily Topic for October 10, 2010

Matthew 10:39
Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.

This is an especially difficult command from the Lord for the Brahmin communities of India! They have it all, so they think; wealth, power, prestige, etc. Yet they do not have a personal relationship with God or the abundant life that Jesus offers in John 10:10.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will give Brahmins the willingness to lose their lives, so their lives can be found.

Brahmins in Maharashtra

by TP

If there has been one community that has dominated India’s culture, economy and politics for centuries, is would be the Brahmins. To be a born into a Brahmin family often means that you have prestige, power and usually wealth. As a result, Brahmins are often resented.

Along with other influential communities, Brahmins dominate Mumbai, Maharashtra’s and India’s most populous city. Much of the financial clout of Mumbai is in the hands of the high caste Brahmins. Because of their sway over cash, commerce, culture and religion, Brahmins are often blamed for India’s ills. For example, in 2006 they were blamed for covering up nuclear contamination of Maharashtra’s water supply. Later some blamed them for the terrorist attacks on hotels in Mumbai.

Because of their high status, Brahmins think they have much to lose if they decide to follow Christ. Brahmins are supposed to believe that if they do what is expected of them, they can escape the cycle of reincarnations. In fact a large number of them are materialistic and agnostic. The orthodox Brahmins teach that to break caste rules leads to being reincarnated into a lower life form in the next life. Because Christians are from lower castes/classes, it is difficult for them to have credibility among the Brahmins.

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Pray that believers will not harbor ill will towards Brahmins, but will reach out to them with Christ’s love. Pray that many Brahmins put their faith in Christ.

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