Daily Topic for October 06, 2011

Joshua 6:2-5
See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands, along with its king and its fighting men. March around the city once for six days. On the seventh day, march around the city seven times.... Have all the people give a loud shout.

This certainly seemed like a strange formula for victory. But God’s promise was based on His knowledge that all the earth is His. God didn’t always use such an unusual approach in giving Israel victory over the peoples of Canaan. Usually the men would simply go to the battlefield and fight. But the victory was always the Lord’s. So it is when we take the gospel to the peoples of the world. Sometimes God will move in unusual ways to bring sinners to repentance and believing faith. At other times His messengers must work for years and even decades before seeing fruit from their labors. But the victory is always the Lord’s.

Brahmin Sikhs

by EJD

Gulping down leftover rotis at her cluttered desk, Amita answered the phone which had been ringing off the hook all morning. “I’ll be there,” she said before she grabbed her bag and rushed down the stairs two steps at a time. Her producer followed close at her heels, soaking in every word she said while she updated him on the story they were chasing. “If we get there soon enough we should be able to catch them as they come out of the supposed ‘courtesy call,’” she said rolling her eyes.
Amita Bhatt, a highly educated and motivated Brahmin Sikh woman, has risen to the top of her profession through her toughness and hard work. Her ability to sniff a story out of thin air has caused her to be known as Punjab’s premiere journalist. Brahmin Sikhs like Amita Bhatt have a fierce sense of duty compounded with an aptitude for achievement, which has made them an integral part of the success story of modern India.
The Brahmin Sikh community of India is believed to have originated from the Gandhara Region, an ancient kingdom located in what is now northern Pakistan. They played a key role in the nascent years of Sikhism. They abstain from taking part in the priestly duties usually associated with Brahmins in the Hindu Varna.

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Pray that the Holy Spirit would draw the Brahmin Sikhs of India to receive Christ into their lives.

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