Daily Topic for February 20, 2010

Proverbs 19:22
What a man desires is unfailing love….

Love is not dependent upon performance. Within a healthy family, there is unconditional love between all members. Muslim peoples like the Bozos have (but do not experience) God’s unconditional love. Who will tell them?

Pray for many of Christ’s ambassadors to go to the Bozos and tell them that, by faith, they can accept and experience the unfailing love of their Creator.

Bozo People of Mali

by JS

“My people were not warriors,” the Bozo fisherman explained to the stranger buying his fish. “The Bambara people protected us, and seeing our bamboo houses called us ‘Bozo,’ which in their language means ‘house of Bamboo.’” The great Niger River runs through land-locked Mali, and its delta is the home of the Bozo people groups. They are primarily fishermen or involved in related industries, such as boat building.

There are several Bozo sub groups, and all are Muslim, but each has a different dialect. They live with traditional village customs. The men fish; the women clean the fish and take them to market the next day. Married couples live within the extended family while bachelors live apart from their families until they marry. Other surrounding groups believe that the Bozos have special powers that allow them to conquer the water.

There are five Bozo clusters that have very limited access to the gospel. Also, there is severe persecution for Bozos who try to embrace Christ.

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Pray for the Tie Bozo, the Bozo-Hain, the Bozo-Sorogama, and the Bozo-Tiema – none of which have Bible translations or the JESUS Film. However, they have gospel recordings, so pray that these will be widely distributed and accepted. Pray for the efforts of the few mission agencies that are targeting this least reached people.

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