Daily Topic for March 04, 2012

John 18:36
My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews.

From the earliest times there has been confusion over the nature of Christ’s kingdom. It’s important to get this right because Jesus has commissioned us to take the “gospel of the Kingdom” to all nations. In other words, we are to proclaim to the nations what the Kingdom of God is like. Each true believer is to reflect the life of Christ in their behavior. And just as a person undergoes a process of transformation, so the transformation of societies must be seen as a process which will never be perfected until Christ comes. Until that time, we are to keep proclaiming what God desires.

Pray that the loving voice of the God’s true Church might ring out in every nation on earth so that the unsaved will see God’s love in us.

Bosniaks of Serbia

by EJD

It was the late 1990s. Hot tears stung Fatima’s eyes as she scanned the land that her family had once farmed. Slowly she turned and walked in the direction of their home within whose walls she had cooked and served hot meals to boisterous sons. Walking toward the house her eyes widened in utter disbelief; from the horizon rose, like a specter that haunts, a dilapidated, half destroyed building.
Stepping over stones, rocks and overgrown weeds she reached the entrance of the house. The unyielding door finally relented and creaked open. The shaft of light from the window illuminated the dark room, revealing tables overturned, books strewn on the floor, and shattered glass; it was just the way it had been left by the Serbs, who had attacked the house and her family, vowing to “cleanse” the land of the Bosniaks.
Sitting on the large rock outside her broken-down home, cradling a photograph of her strong husband and strapping sons, her brain finally registered what her eyes had been vacantly staring at —a cross planted on the property. Fuelled by anguish and anger over the death of her family and the destruction of her home, she charged toward the cross, pulled it out of the ground, and broke it before sinking to the ground wailing. The cross was a reminder of the atrocities perpetrated against Muslim Bosniaks like herself by “Christian” Serbs.

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Pray that the Bosniaks will find Christ in spite of the painful memory of the harm caused by people who poorly represented Him.

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