Daily Topic for January 30, 2012

Proverbs 29:7
The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.

Some people in this world, even those who don’t know about the lordship of Christ, are seeking righteousness. In some cases missionaries have found people who have a devotion to God, but have a misunderstanding of who He is. In other cases, the Holy Spirit may have given some from unreached nations His attributes such as compassion for the poor and the suffering. Will you pray for such people?

Pray for God to guide these “unreached” people, so that they will know the One who gave them a righteous caring for the poor.

Boni People of Kenya

by JWS

The weeping young mother lies awake in the dark hut, clutching her baby’s emaciated body against herself. She knows her baby is dying, but the closest medical clinic requires a three-day walk, and she doesn’t think the baby will live that long. At first the baby cried because he was sick. After a few days his crying became a weak whimper. Now the baby is silent. Surely his bony little body could not breathe much longer.
The woman is a member of the Boni people group in Kenya. For years, they lived in the forest, where they could hunt and provide food for their families. When the government decreed that hunting was against the law, they re-located closer to the seashore. Why did they move? One woman said, “We came here so that our children could go to the primary school, but we have no money for the school uniforms, so the teachers chase our children away.” They are unable to hunt, and they don’t know how to fish. They survive on occasional food shipments from the government or charities.
Traditionally Muslim, they have vigorously resisted the gospel in the past. In recent years, the resistance has lessened. There is now a handful of believers among the Boni people.

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Pray for more missionaries to come to Kenya and minister to the Boni people. Pray for spiritual maturity in Boni believers so that they can grow spiritually and spread the gospel among their people.

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