Daily Topic for February 21, 2012

Isaiah 25:7-9
The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces…. In that day they will say, “Surely this is our God; we trusted in Him, and He saved us.”

The book of Isaiah has been called the Bible in miniature, and rightfully so, for its 66 chapters present the person, work, and commission of Christ in a manner representative of the 66 books of the Bible. Isaiah here portrays the heavenly banquet in which men and women from every nation will rejoice in the goodness of God. Though Christ’s death has conquered the power of death for all who put their trust in Him, His return will banish the presence of death from the redeemed of every nation. How tenderly the Sovereign Lord will wipe away tears from faces upturned in joyful praise!

Pray that the Lord will guide the Bolon people to trust in Him alone.

Bolon People of Burkina Faso

by JWS

A throng of Bolon villagers sit on the ground beneath the branches of a large shade tree. They wait for the missionary who visits the village in the evening. Yesterday his Bible stories were shocking: tales of a perfect garden, a massive flood, and a perfect Man who takes away sin. The villagers mutter among themselves: “Could the white man’s stories be true?” “What about Allah and Mohammed?” “I’m confused!” With no TV or radio, the Bolon people love to hear stories after supper. But never have they heard anything this fantastic.
The Bolon people of Burkina Faso belong to the Malinke people group cluster. Their area is largely unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Most of them are of the Sunni Muslim tradition, though they often also practice spiritism and ancestor worship. Some believe the supreme god is too far away to hear their worship, so they worship things they think contain spirits. They believe that the spirits, in turn, pass the worship on to the supreme god.

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Pray that the Bolon people will break free from the bondage of superstition and false religion. Pray that the Lord will prepare their minds and create a desire to fill the “God-shaped holes” in their hearts with the love of the true and living God. Pray that they will share the stories of Jesus far and wide in West Africa.

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