Daily Topic for November 18, 2011

Psalms 73: 24-25b
You guide me with Your counsel, and afterword you will take me into glory. Whom have I in heaven but you?

God is our guide, and He will take us to heaven for our eternal reward. But before we have our eternal reward, He has lots of work for us here on earth. He has given us the task of being salt and light to the nations so that His Name will be glorified by the peoples. Have you ever thought that when we heal the sick, give to the poor, find cures for diseases, fight for justice, (you name it), we glorify our Heavenly Father? What are you doing right now to bring glory to His Name?

Pray that the Lord will guide you in how He wants you to extend His kingdom.

Bodla People

by KC

The Bodla people of Pakistan’s Punjab Province faced a good news/bad news situation this year. The good news is that last year’s floods promised to enrich the soil of their land so they could potentially get a better harvest of wheat and cotton this year. The bad news is that without being able to harvest their crops last year, most of them didn’t have money to buy seeds to plant this year. The floods washed away their cotton crops three weeks before harvest, leaving many of them trying to get around in rickety boats or wading through chest-deep water. Families struggled to save children who could easily wash away to their death.
The Bodla people face the same problem as most subsistence farmers. In order to earn enough money to buy seeds to plant a new crop, they must earn money on the previous year’s crop. And if last year’s crop is destroyed, they become even more poor, without any means to earn a living. The 17,000 Bodla people of Pakistan are 100 percent Sunni Muslim.

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Pray that the Bodlas and other subsistence farmers in Pakistan will experience an abundant harvest this year. Pray for them to also be blessed by the abundant spiritual resources lavished on us by Christ, the King.

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