Daily Topic for January 23, 2012

Ecclesiastes 12:13b
Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.

All over the world there are people who worship strange gods and keep their commandments. They know very little about the only true God who created them and loves them. Billions of people have wasted their lives obeying gods that are not real. Don’t we owe them a chance to know and embrace the only One who has the right to command them?

Pray that missionaries will find and disciple Beja people who have open hearts and are willing to seek the true and living God.

Bisharin Bejas

by PD

In the early 1500s a European visitor described the Bisharin Bejas of Egypt as “never at peace with their neighbors, but continually at war with everybody. They have no king or great lord over them, but are ruled by their sheikhs. They build no towns nor other fixed habitations.”
All of this could still describe the 42,000 Bisharin Bejas except that they are not at war. Divided into small clans, most of these proud nomads continue to herd their camels, goats, and sheep through the rough terrain found in the Nubian Desert of Sudan and southern Egypt. Some have been forced to find jobs in trading, labor, or farming. They do not want to accept the authority of any central government. However, when faced with the inability to take care of their families and other problems, they sent representatives from their tribe to the Beja Congress in Sudan. The Beja Congress has not been very effective in helping the Bisharin people.
The Bisharins in Egypt are more committed to their Islamic faith than most Bejas. Many are followers of Sufism, a devout, but unorthodox form of Islam. Slowly they are giving up their Bisharin language for Arabic. One thing that has not changed is their suspicion of all strangers.

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Pray that committed believers will patiently reach out to the Bisharin Bejas and show them the way of peace that only Jesus can give.

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