Daily Topic for July 03, 2010

2 Tim. 2:3
Endure hardship with us like a good soldier of Christ Jesus.

There are many ways in which a committed Christian is like a soldier. Paul speaks here of a Christian enduring hardship like a soldier. Why does a soldier endure hardship? To win! He sees the commander’s cause as the overriding priority of his life, and does whatever is required of him to win the battle. How much hardship are we ready to endure to see Jesus Christ seal His victory over Satan, so that people from every people, tribe, tongue, and nation may recognize Him as Lord? Isn’t His Kingdom worth fighting and enduring hardships for?

Pray that the Lord Jesus will make us good soldiers, who give all to Him, just as the Stams did 80 years ago.

Biography, Continued

by AL

In September 1934 the Stams had a daughter, Helen Priscilla. Both the local magistrate and the officials of the CIM were convinced that the area where the Stams worked was reasonably safe. They were wrong. Communist invaders captured them and forcibly marched the Stams from their mission station to a nearby town. John was tightly bound with ropes, while Betty was left free to care for the baby.
On December 8, 1934, the Stams were separated from their baby Helen, and forcibly marched through the streets as their captors called the local people to see their imminent execution. A sword fell twice, and in a moment John and Betty were face to face with their Master.

In the deserted room where John and Betty had spent their last night, little Helen cried and slept alone. All that night and on into the second day no one entered the house for fear of the soldiers. Finally a Chinese evangelist made his way in and discovered the foreign baby. Though left alone for almost 30 hours, she was warm and snug, and seemingly none the worse for her long fast. A week later she was safely delivered to a missionary family. (from The Triumph of John and Betty Stam, by Mrs. Howard Taylor, Harris & Partridge, Inc., 1935.)

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Pray for the Lord to provide grace and direction to those who face death, destruction and tragedy on the mission field.

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