Daily Topic for September 25, 2011

Genesis 18:24-25
Then Abraham approached Him and said, “Will you sweep away the righteous with the wicked? What if there are 50 righteous people in the city?”

In this passage, Abraham is interceding on behalf of people whom God has doomed to destruction. God is all-knowing; He knows who is righteous and who is not. But He allowed Abraham to boldly ask that the few righteous ones in Sodom be spared. Likewise, we are asking today for the salvation of the Bhoi people. Without the atoning blood of Christ, they are doomed, just like the people of Sodom were in Abraham’s day. Will you fervently and boldly intercede for them?

Pray that the Bhoi people will come to know and obey the God of Abraham as you pray for them today.

Bhoi Muslims in Nepal

by PE

The sacred tree’s future husband strode down the dusty road with a small band of friends for his first marriage. Majed was nervous. As a bachelor, it was demanded by Bhoi customs that he first marry a sacred flower-laden tree before he could marry a widow. His true love, Nubila, was a widow. If marrying a tree was what it would take to spend the rest of his life with the love of his life, then it was worth it.

Bhoi is the name of a caste of fishermen and boat people. Their alternate name is Kewat from the Sanskrit words ka, meaning “water,” and vritti, meaning “occupation.” A landless and mostly illiterate people group, they are considered a low caste of people who have degrading occupations.

Jesus, the good shepherd, would have left the many to rescue the one. Would someone go to rescue a people if there were only 200? What if there were only 100? Would someone give their life to rescue 50?

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Pray to the Lord for Christian workers to go to the tiny group of only 40 Bhoi Muslims in Nepal. A complete Bible translation awaits them. Pray that God will release a spiritual yearning in the hearts of the Bhoi people that only Christ can fill. Pray that their spirits will be opened to receive the words of life that can lift them into the heights of the Kingdom of God through faith in Christ.

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