Daily Topic for September 09, 2011

Genesis 6:5
The Lord saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time.

The Bhisti people can see the results of man’s wickedness and sin—they are victims of its consequences. The greed and oppression that the Bhistis and other people groups endure are the result of a self-centered, sinful mindset. By contrast, God-centered mindsets will put other people’s needs before their own. To such people, the Kingdom of God is definitely good news!

Pray that the Bhisti people will hear about the true and living God who loves them. Pray that they will respond to His Word.

Bhisti People in Nepal

by PD

“Most Bhisti people are hard working, poor, landless tenant farmers in Nepal’s Terai Region. If they are fortunate, they may receive one-third of the crops they harvest. In addition to hunger, they face ongoing problems with malaria and contaminated water, but receive almost no help from the Nepali government. Their material poverty has left them very vulnerable. They also face ongoing problems because of their Muslim identity. For example, the Nepali government refuses to recognize Islamic schools.”

Abdul, a Nepali Muslim, was explaining to an outsider the problems that he thought that Bhistis and other Muslim people groups face in Nepal. The 100 or so Bhistis in Nepal are culturally Sunni Muslims, but they have very little knowledge of Islamic principles. Folk religion affects their lives more than the teachings of the Qur’an. They have little accurate knowledge of who God is and how He wants to give them guidance, comfort, hope, and salvation through Christ. Other Muslim communities are starting to pay attention to the Bhisti communities in Nepal.

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Pray for God’s children to live among the Bhistis and help them with their physical and spiritual needs. Pray that spiritual obstacles will be removed so they can clearly understand the story of Christ and His redemptive work for every people group. Pray that they will have access to gospel materials in Urdu and Bhojpuri. May the Bhisti people soon experience His salvation and spread the good news to other Muslim communities.

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