Daily Topic for January 22, 2012

Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

The Lord’s purpose will prevail, but it’s very easy to allow our plans and ambitions to get in the way of what the Lord really wants for us. Do you have any “non-negotiables” that can get in the way of the Lord’s first choice for you?

Pray that we will allow the Lord to be Lord over all aspects of our lives, so that His purposes will prevail. Not our will, but His be done!

Beni-Amer Beja People

by PD

“I am a teacher in my Beni-Amer village here in Sudan, yet I’m a nomad at heart. I love my cattle and camels and treat them as members of my family. I take them in the night for night grazing, teach during the day, and grow crops during the season. I also travel to Kassala town to
buy extra feed for my animals. It is a hard life, but I’m just happy that some of us Bejas were able to live here in Sudan and start a new life. When they closed our refugee camp, many of us could not go back to Eritrea. The Eritrean Popular Liberation Front took control of our land, and we had fought against them. We are poor, but the Sudanese have accepted us. We’ve learned to be like them.”
This is a familiar story among the Beni-Amer Bejas who originally lived in Eritrea. For over a decade many of them have assimilated into Sudanese society and adjusted from being pastoral nomads to farming, low paying urban jobs, or combining herding and farming jobs together.
The Amer developed in the 14th century from three peoples in Eritrea. A recent study indicates that their population in Sudan and Eritrea is about 206,000. Beni-Amer are Islamic in name only; they are often involved in spirit worship.

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Pray that there will be caring Christ followers who are willing to befriend and love the Beni-Amer Bejas so they will experience God’s transforming power.

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