Daily Topic for February 18, 2011

Proverbs 11:2
When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

God’s ways are not our ways. We try to exalt ourselves; God says to humble ourselves and He will exalt us. Such wisdom does not come from man, but from God in His Word. How will groups like the Bauchis know His ways without someone to take them His Word?

Pray that God’s Word will soon reach the Bauchi Fulbe people, so they can find the true wisdom that comes from humility.

Bauchi Fulbe People

by GC

Namadi sits in the shade. His wife visits the nearby Serving In Mission (SIM) clinic. His oldest son trails a veterinarian also from SIM. Another member of the team converses with a Fulbe patriarch, learning all he can about this important ethnic group.

“Sir, which group are you from?” “We are Bauchi Fulbe—the truest Fulbe of all.” “What of the Toroobe? They also claim to be the truest.” “Bah! They left the traditional ways and settled in towns. We herd cattle as our fathers did for centuries. Do you see my cattle over there? That is my wealth, my pride. If I lose them, I have lost everything. Moving to towns like the Toroobes means you lose all that matters.” “Do you have a home place?” “All you see is our home. We follow the seasons. Part of the year we will stay near farmers, such as the Hausas.

“Are your beliefs the same as all Muslims?” “Mostly, yes. But we mix some of our ancient teachings and magic spells. Also, we do not believe in the afterlife. Our children are the only means by which we live on from generation to generation.”

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Pray that the One who came from eternity will reveal himself to the Bauchis of Nigeria. Pray for God’s anointing on mission groups that minister to practical needs in Niger and Nigeria. Pray for Nigerian missionaries who have initiated ministries among the Bauchis.

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