Daily Topic for November 04, 2011

Psalms 29:11
The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace.

God is our constant source of strength. Without His strength, we could not endure the daily struggles of following His ways. He gives us supernatural strength each day whether we know it or not. Those who have no access to Christ like the Baloch man described in this entry do not have a way to share this glorious strength. One of the reasons He strengthens us is to extend His kingdom to such people. Are we willing to be strengthened for this purpose?

Pray for God’s strength to pray without ceasing for the lost nations.

Baloch People

by WK

The middle aged Baloch man stood in the barbwire enclosure of the refugee camp with a dark scowl on his face. During the extended drought a Muslim holy man had advised everyone to pray for rain. When they did, Allah sent a cyclone that swept away the man’s herd of sheep and forced his family to flee to one of Pakistan’s refugee camps. The man was mad enough to strangle the holy man, but he was nowhere to be found. The holy man had drowned when the Indus River had flooded.
The Baloch people have been herders, moving their flocks from place to place in Pakistan ever since the British destroyed the kingdoms they had once ruled during the 1800s.
Prior to Pakistan’s independence in 1947 the British had made little effort to share the message of salvation with the Baloch people. British missionaries reached out to other people groups in Pakistan but not the Baloch. Today the Baloch don’t have a complete Bible in their language, just a few Scripture portions.

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Pray that Christian relief workers will show the Baloch people the love of Christ. May that lead to witnessing opportunities. Ask God to send more community development workers to help this people group in their time of need. Pray also for linguists to complete the work of the Baloch Bible translation. May God break the hold that Islam has on the Baloch people.

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