Daily Topic for March 19, 2012

John 10:12
The hired hand is not the shepherd who owns the sheep. So when he sees the wolf come, he abandons the sheep and runs away.

According to Jesus, there are two kinds of leaders—those who do their job because they get paid, and those who lead because they love those they are leading. There is a high attrition rate among those in ministry who sign up with the wrong motives. Unless we truly love those whom we are serving, we won’t last when the going gets tough. This kind of love can only come from the one who loved perfectly—enough to save us! In so doing Jesus placed an infinite, priceless value on the soul of every human being.

Pray that the love that Christ has for all His children would fill the heart of every disciple who seeks to follow Him.

Balkar People

by PD

The Balkar hat maker, Mmedina, was thrilled by another new order for her sheep fur hats. She told a friendly customer, “My hat business has been doing better these last few weeks. We are slowly becoming known as a Mecca for people who love the outdoors and health resorts.”
A number of Balkars are well known throughout Russia as writers, singers, actors, scientists, doctors, and nuclear physicists. Yet overall, life has been difficult for most of the estimated 85,000 Muslim Balkars. In 1992 the Balkar homeland officially became one of the constituent republics within the Russian Federation. The Balkar people make up the majority of the inhabitants in the Republic, but most people in the homeland speak Russian. Although tourism had started to improve the economy, it suffered when war broke out in neighboring Georgia. In October 2005 there was fighting in the Balkar Republic after an attack on their capital city by Chechen militants. The Republic’s mainly Muslim population has become increasingly radicalized by the region’s instability. Visitors around the world would like to visit this beautiful country, but they are afraid of militant attacks, bombings, and general lawlessness. There are a small number of people who follow Christ among the Balkars.

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Pray that God will send His people to the area so that the Muslim Balkars will be introduced to Jesus. Pray that peace will finally come to this region.

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