Daily Topic for October 10, 2011

Exodus 35:10
All who are skilled among you are to come and make everything the Lord has commanded:…

It’s encouraging to know that God has a purpose for each of us. In this instance, he called all skilled artisans to work on the brand new tabernacle. He isn’t just calling the super star artisans, but everyone with even a little skill. Do you know someone with a skill that they can use for the Kingdom of God? Is there anyone out there who can do something simple like proofread, write, draw, etc.?

Pray that you will understand what God has for you to do to extend His Kingdom to the ends of the earth.

Bajigar Sikhs

by PE

Shahina gracefully practiced her rope dance while her brother juggled and her sister prepared her leaves and stones for fortune telling. Today they would go to the outskirts of their camp where five prominent family heads would sit in judgment over disputes in the clan. Shahina’s family would entertain observers at a distance from the court in the old traditional ways.
The Bajigar people were nomads in what is now Pakistan until the 1947 Partition when they moved to India to escape violent Muslims. Now they work mostly in manual and agricultural jobs to contribute to the family income.
While Sikh Bajigars hold themselves apart from their Hindu neighbors, their religion is an enigma since many worship the Hindu gods, yet follow the prayers and rituals of Sikh gurus.
The Bajigars have a unique method of communication made of a network of messengers and information spreads quickly throughout their extended families and clans.

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Pray that the truth of the gospel will spread like a fire throughout Bajigar communities. Pray that the Lord will raise up workers to work this untouched field and bring the spark of God’s truth to start a holy flame of salvation for the Bajigar people. Pray that the veil will be removed from the spiritual eyes of the Bajigar people. Ask God to deliver them from sorcery and other forms of twisted spirituality, and replace it with a healthy fear of the Living God.

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