Daily Topic for July 13, 2010

Romans 8:23
“…We ourselves groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.”

The Baima people are facing changing times. There are now a few, struggling bodies of believers among them. In the last couple of years they have also had to deal with a tragic earthquake. Just as orphaned children are being adopted by new parents, the Baima people are being “adopted” by the God of the Universe.

Pray that thousands of Baima people will yearn to be adopted by their true God.

Baima People

by PE

The scream of a mother realizing that her only child is dead rang through the village. The giant earthquake had shaken the school to the ground. After hours of searching, all the children had been rescued except her daughter. Then the crowd grew quiet as the rescuers carried the slim 12th grader to lay her at the feet of her parents.

“My heart! My only child! The only fruit of my marriage!” As the mother sobbed, the father stood stone-faced, in shock, barely able to reach out to console his wife. Anger surged in him as he thought of the giant pandas he works with. Every day his life’s work is to increase their numbers, encouraging more offspring. Yet, the government gives him only one certificate to bear one human child.
Fortunately the Chinese government has now agreed to give another “child license” to parents who lost a child to the earthquake. And praise God that they have not limited the number of earthquake orphans a family can adopt.

The Baima people, who are a subgroup of the Tibetans, live in the southeast part of the Gansu Province and the northwest area of China’s Sichuan Province.
Thousands of Christians are regularly praying for the Baima people. Pray that the Baimas will be drawn to their savior. Pray also for workers among the Baima people, for their protection, and for a great harvest of souls.

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