Daily Topic for October 27, 2010

Matthew 5:11
Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.

The noble Baha’is might read this verse and find it encouraging. After all, they have endured insults, slander and persecution for centuries. And, after all, don’t they honor Jesus as an ascended master? Unfortunately, that is not good enough! They are enduring persecution, but there will be no reward in heaven (v. 12) unless they acknowledge Jesus as Lord of all.

Pray for the noble Baha’is to understand that Jesus is truly lord of all. No ascended master, prophet or guru can compare with the Creator!


by WK

“The prophecy has been fulfilled!” shouted the jubilant Baha’i worshippers on Mt. Carmel in Israel. Many of these Bahais came from India to celebrate the opening of the sacred Baha’i Gardens in 2001 on this mountain near Haifa. During the 1800s Bahallujah, the founder of Baha’ism, predicted the creation of the sacred garden on Mt. Carmel.

The Baha’i religion began in Persia over 100 years ago as a reform movement within Islam. Bahallujah ran into trouble with Persia’s Muslim rulers because he placed many other great religious leaders, whom he called ascended masters, on the same level as Mohammed. Bahallujah taught that the ascended masters include Moses, Buddha and Jesus, because all of them had risen from the dead. Such beliefs got him executed as a heretic. His followers then fled the growing persecution in Persia, and found new homes in India. Today the Baha’is eagerly await the coming of the next ascended master.
They are a rich people group who often run their own businesses. Perhaps there is an opening for tentmaker missionaries to bring the message of Jesus Christ to them.

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Ask God to open the spiritual eyes of the Baha’is. May they realize that Jesus Christ was the only who has truly risen from the dead. Pray that the Baha’is will be protected from further spiritual deception.

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