Daily Topic for March 07, 2012

John 1:12
Yet to all who received Him, to those who believed in His Name, He gave the right to become children of God.

Choosing to identify oneself with Jesus has profound spiritual implications. The first thing that happens is we are accepted into the family of God. We become royalty. Imagine a royal family that has an open invitation to all who will come! Yet for thousands of unreached peoples, the door to God’s family appears guarded and unapproachable. It’s up to us to communicate God’s love in a way that all will come to understand the Father’s heart. Indeed, our family will never be complete without representatives from every nation, tribe, people, and language.

Pray for the fullness of God’s family to be made complete in our generation!

Avar People in Georgia

by WK

“Everyone has left,” whispered one of the boys after Friday prayers ended at the Avar mosque in Georgia. “We can go downstairs without anyone seeing us,” he continued. The boy led his two friends into the basement. Then a secret door led into a room full of dusty relics. Many of those relics were old crosses, for the mosque had once been a Christian church many centuries ago. “I wonder if the imam knows about these things,” one of the boys asked. The three boys studied the relics with puzzled looks, for they didn’t know the history of their people group.
The first Avars arrived in Georgia from Central Asia a little bit before 600 A.D. At first this people group eagerly embraced the message of salvation in Jesus Christ which was preached to them by Georgian believers. Later Muslim missionaries arrived, and by 1700 A.D. the entire people group had converted to Islam. One by one Avar churches became mosques. Today there are few if any followers of Jesus Christ among the Avars of Georgia.
Relations between the Avars and the Georgians have often been strained. There are many followers of Christ among the Georgians, and many Avar Muslims don’t feel comfortable dealing with Christians, especially those from a hostile ethnic group.

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Pray that God would raise up faithful workers to share the true message of salvation through Jesus Christ with the Avars of Georgia. Ask for continued peace within Georgia and with neighboring Russia.

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