Daily Topic for December 26, 2011

John 1:10
He was in the world, and though the world was made through Him, the world did not recognize Him.

What sad words! Those He loved did not welcome him who loved mankind so much. Today how easy it is to say the unreached peoples do not want us. Let’s go to someone who does. It is also easy to become critical and discouraged when missionaries who are trying to show that they love the unreached peoples are not welcomed with open arms. Yet our missionary God did not wait for us to desire Him. He became incarnate in Jesus to reveal His love in a way we could understand, in a way that wooed us to Himself.

Pray that the Lord will plant in our hearts His love for lost peoples.

Arabs of Libya

by KC

1969 was the year of the first moon landing. It was also the same year that Libyan Arab Colonel Muammar Gadafi took power. At that time common citizens had no access to the Internet, email, or cell phones. All that has changed now, but the government of Libya has remained in the hands of one man who purports to have given power to “the people.” In reality, the people who have power only include Colonel Gadafi himself and his inner circle.
Though at the time of this writing, August 2011, Gadafi still holds the western part of Libya, half of his country is in rebel hands. NATO bombers are applying pressure to his military forces, and there is talk of dividing Libya in two.
As you will see in the next couple of prayer entries, Libya is divided into more than two parts. There are several Arab-based tribes and Berbers who are often hostile to one another. For more than 42 years Gadafi has managed to hold enough loyalty from key tribal leaders to maintain control. And many Libyan Arabs identify first and foremost with their tribe, not their ethnicity. For this reason we will be praying for a couple of Libyan Arab tribes this month.
Though not all Libyans are loyal to the same political leader, they are all one in their loyalty to Sunni Islam. It has been this way for 1300 years.

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Pray that as Libyan Arabs search for new answers, they will find them in the One who washed His disciples’ feet.

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