Daily Topic for December 29, 2010

Acts 22:3b
I was thoroughly trained in the law of our fathers and was just as zealous for God as any of you are today.

Paul was noting the zeal of his fellow Jews. All of them had zeal for God, but, like the Arabized Nubians we are praying for today, it was misdirected zeal. It’s a good practice to start a child’s life by speaking the Name of God into his ear; it says something about how important that Name is. But like the Jews who opposed Paul, the Arabized Nubians have a deficient view of God.

Pray that these zealous people will be directed towards the true and living Christ, whose Name should be whispered into every ear and shouted from every mountaintop.

Arabized Nubians of Egypt

by JR

The first word an Arabized Nubian baby hears is the name “Allah,” as it is whispered into his ear shortly after birth. The birth ceremony is highly honored in this culture. Other ceremonies include marriage as well as circumcision and the first haircut of sons.

Their homeland is the southern area of Egypt near Sudan, low-lying, fertile, and suited for farming. Their crops include millet, wheat, barley, beans, dates, and watermelons. While a great majority of the Arabized Nubians are farmers, there are significant numbers of them employed in the cities as retailers, seamstresses and teachers. Some of them migrate with their herds.

All Nubians share certain cultural traits and traditions. The only distinguishable difference among them is their language. The Arabized Nubians speak an Arabic dialect known as Masri, and they have adopted an Arab lifestyle that other Nubian groups lack. Family honor is very important to them with clearly defined roles for each family member.

The traditional animistic beliefs of the Nubians are centered around the Nile River. They believe that it contains the power of life and death, and is endowed with angels and other powerful beings. The Nubians were once converted to Christianity during the sixth century. Islamization from the fourteenth to the seventeenth centuries turned their hearts fully to the ways of Islam.

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Pray that the Arabized Nubians will seek after spiritual truth and find it in Jesus.

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