Daily Topic for May 05, 2007

Romans 2:17
"Now you, if you call yourself a Jew..."

Paul is asking the Jews at this point to examine themselves. They have the Law and the truth, they teach others, and preach, but do they do the things they are telling others not to do? In other words, do they practice what they preach? What if Paul were here today to ask us the same questions? “If you bear the name Christian…. What does it mean to be a Christian?” The name implies submission to the lordship of Jesus Christ and a commitment to His Word. It also connotes an attitude-one that is willing to give up life’s “smaller” ambitions for the sake of Christ’s global cause.

Father, may You find us to be fully committed Christians for the sake of the unreached peoples.

Animistic Tlahuitolpec Mixe People of Mexico

Two problems the Mixe peoples face are the emigration of the indigenous young due to the lack of opportunities, and a loss of cultural values. The Mixe Community Institute is an educational, research, and service center born out of a community necessity for an institution that would serve the educational needs of the Mixe people who number slightly over 6,000, mostly in Oaxaca (pronounced “Wahahkah”), Mexico’s southernmost state. The Mixe peoples have established the Institute as a way to preserve and share their culture, customs, and language with their young people.

Another organization addressing Mixe challenges is the “Servicios del Pueblo Mixe” (Mixe People Services). Part of its statement of philosophy says, “We motivate and raise people’s consciousness of the importance of respecting the different ways of life in our community.” 

Let’s hope that this tolerance will extend to the Evangelical community, which has been persecuted by local leaders. In some villages new Evangelical converts were forced to leave their houses and lands. In another they were chased out of town with machetes. All of the eight Mixe people groups have been reached with the gospel, except for the Mixe of Tlahuitoltepec.

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Pray for increased tolerance, and for Mixe believers to reach out to the Tlahuitoltepec subgroup.-JS

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