Daily Topic for September 29, 2010

I Kings 8:10
"When the priests withdrew from the Holy Place, the cloud filled the temple of the Lord. And the priests could not perform their service because of the cloud, for the glory of the Lord filled His temple.”

How often does this happen in a Hindu temple? Never! The reason is that there is no true glory, because they do not worship the True God. Could you imagine how it would affect the Ambalavasi people if they truly experienced God’s glory?

Pray that the Ambalavasi people will experience God’s true glory, and turn to Him with all their hearts.

Ambalavasi People in Sri Lanka

by GEC

Beloy lives with his family next door to a Hindu temple in northern Sri Lanka. As an Ambalavasi he helps the priests in their ceremonies. Each caste within the community performs a different specific task: cleaning the sacred steps, decorating the shrine or creating floral adornments. His specific caste teaches Hindu traditions and wears the sacred thread. This is usually associated with Brahmins, but higher-level Ambalavasis also wear it.

Although they work side by side, one main factor separates the Ambalavasi community from the Brahmins: Beloy and his caste members are banned from the Sreekovil, the inner sanctuary that houses the god. Only the Brahmins are allowed there. So while Beloy can teach about his religion, he cannot gain direct access to the god he serves.

The apostle Thomas probably brought the gospel to this region many centuries ago. He gave his life telling Beloy’s ancestors about the One who gives us access to the true God. In some parts of India higher caste people are turning to Christ.

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Pray that Indian believers will tell the Ambalavasi people about the way to God. Pray for them to have dreams and visions of Christ that will lead them in a spiritual quest. Pray that the Holy Spirit will stir an unease within them that will draw them to search for direct access to God.

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