Daily Topic for May 31, 2010

Romans 16:20
The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.

In today’s entry you will read about missionaries in South America who are seeing this verse come to life! It took the death of five missionaries in 1956, but the Waodani tribe that killed these men embraced the gospel, and now they are taking Christ to others. We can have the same assurance that Paul expressed in his letter to the believers in Rome. We can be confident that God will crush Satan under the beautiful feet of those who bring the good news to peoples in bondage.

Pray for frontier missionaries who are directly challenging the dominion of the evil one in the Amazon River Basin.

Amazon Region Council for Vision and Strategy

by JS

In general, evangelization of the indigenous tribes of the Amazon River Basin has not matured and grown. Yet it is changing as a result of a number of gatherings of Christian tribal leaders who have created the “Amazon Region Council for Vision and Strategy.” One key meeting in 2008 conducted sessions about animistic worldviews. It is obvious that the realities of the spirit world that the tribes interact with on a daily basis are mighty forces of evil.

The highlight of an Indigenous Consultation in Ecuador was when 50-70 mostly indigenous leaders from six tribes offered reports of progress. Spokesmen from each local people group shared the hopes and needs of their tribes. Two of the killers of the five missionaries in 1956 (Jim Elliot, Nate Saint and others) were at the meeting. One Waodani man said, “My father killed the early missionaries. Now it’s our responsibility to preach the gospel! Jesus left all to reach us. We need to go to everywhere to take the gospel. Unity is most important to reach all people!”

Paul Johnson, President of a mission agency that works in this region says of the year 2008, “It’s been the year of the greatest blessing and progress I’ve seen in 35 years of service.”

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Pray that God’s glory will spread to all tribal nations of the Amazon River Basin, and may God’s Spirit enable and give clear vision to the indigenous peoples as they assume leadership roles.

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