Daily Topic for December 28, 2011

Isaiah 66:19b
I will set a sign among them, and I will send some of those who survive to the nations—to Tarshish, to the Libyans… and to the distant islands that have not heard of my fame or seen my glory. They will proclaim my glory among the nations.

On one level, what is happening today in Libya is a diversion from what really matters. There are people there who accept Colonel Gadafi as their leader, and others like the Al Wasfalas who reject his rule. But what really matters is whether or not they accept or reject the rule of Jesus Christ, the King of Kings when they hear of His glory!

Pray that the peoples of Libya will soon accept the rule of the King of Kings.

Al Wasfala Tribe

by WK

The Bedouin family watched television in a tent, using power from a gasoline generator. A foreign visitor sat with them. On television an Al Wasfala chief pledged his support to Colonel Gadafi. At that moment the entire family booed. The visitor gave the father a puzzled look. “He’s not our chief,” said the father. “The Al Wasfala has no chief,” he explained.
The Al Wasfala tribe lives in an oil rich region of eastern Libya. Prior to 1969 the Al Wasfalas strongly supported Libya’s monarchy. After the military coup, the Al Wasfalas never fully accepted the rule of Colonel Gadafi. This people group had no use for western tribes such as Colonel Gadafi’s Qadhadfa tribe. Like many people groups in eastern Libya, this people group strongly supports the rebels seeking to overthrow Colonel Gadafi.
Like most Libyans, the Al Wasfala are almost completely Muslim. There are probably no followers of Christ among them.

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Pray that the Al Wasfalas would realize that Jesus Christ, not obedience to the Qur’an, is the way to salvation and holiness. May God raise up committed workers to reach out to this people group. Pray that Jesus Christ would reveal himself to the Al Wasfala through dreams and visions.

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